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We know that you’re already using a tool for the task at hand, and we appreciate that. That being said, it makes sense that you want to see Rover’s advanced features and capabilities when it comes to the task at hand.

Let’s assume that you’re working on the “Hello World! I’m running Rover on my Raspberry Pi” tutorial. If this is the case, don’t bother trying to use the command:

root@raspberrypi # command: /home/pi/www/www.h0w0rd

That’s because Rover allows you to use any Python API (application programming interface) which you’re familiar with and know what to use it for. So if we need to add a new widget to the page and need to specify its name at the bottom of the page, we can use the API:

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root@raspberrypi # command: cask install bs4.js -m python -e ‘import webdriver’

It’s no biggie, really – just remember to import WebDriver – which we did earlier in order to run tests.

If we have some HTML to render on the page, it may not be the best idea to write our own webdriver, right? We have already talked about the importance of working with webdriver, so why would anyone want to write their own webdriver if they know a couple of options that will be simple enough?

The first option that is available is to use PyDev’s webdriver-pywebdriver

root@raspberrypi # command: cask install python3.4 -m python3.4 -e ‘import webdriver’

This is nice, but obviously is no good if we need to run Rover in a separate session with our browser. The next thing we can do is to use a Python library called urllib.request itself. This is great! For our example we’re going to make our button look like this:

root@raspberrypi # command: python “print(r’Hello World! I’m running Rover on my Raspberry Pi’)”

This code will just be printing one line of content to the console to verify that it looks all right. You can now type cask install bs4.js -m python -e ‘import webdriver’ to run pywebdriver-dev on the page, and you should see the button in the console print “Hello World! I’m running

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