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A dog can only walk for an hour at a time – a dog who runs for 10 minutes will probably not be able to work up that kind of energy, let alone any energy to run fast.

It may be possible, and probably safe, to train a dog to walk a particular distance at a time, and use that distance as a rough guide for how far a dog can go. That will have to be based on the dog’s energy levels, as well as on the owner’s expectations of what a walker will experience with their dog. But for now I feel that the ideal is for a dog to walk for at least 10/25 minutes per day, or until the owner can safely walk the dog further. This would include at least 5-10 minutes per day spent walking the dog, to take the strain off the feet.

Does that mean that if you walk too fast the dog will get tired and give up – and start having problems when they’re walking a certain distance? I mean, for example, that dogs who are walking the maximum distance at a time would be physically tired after only 10 minutes.

Yes and no, yes and no

Most dogs don’t like walking more than they’ve walked in the past 24 hours. They’ll likely walk more quickly if you’re more than 100 metres from them, but they won’t walk fast if you walk the same distance they can walk. I don’t know anyone who can work up that kind of energy, let alone a dog who is used to walking fast. The dog may even give up on working out how fast they can walk when you’re a couple of metres away, but, generally, they won’t. It’s a hard thing, and you’re the one who has to manage it with your pace and your training.

If, however, for some reason, a dog does seem to want to walk faster than that, then there are many things you can do to make it easier to walk fast, at least if you’re the one who wants to work up that much energy.

One option is to train on a walker that lets you get a bit closer to the dog. This is a great way to find out how fast the dog can run in training, and to show that it will work out. For example, a dog that is always happy to follow me on trails will probably be a problem on a walking wheel, which should be near its favourite play space, and will usually stop when I approach

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