How can I exercise my two dogs? – Dog Grooming Business Card Templates

You’ve heard of “Peeing In A Pot” yet? “Running in the Park”, “Walk-in Closet” and “Jog-in-the-Closet.” These are just a few of our favorite ideas for using the time we’ve saved by exercising our dogs to their maximum potential. Our dogs deserve to be stimulated and challenged. We have dogs that like to be walked (Peesh! Jogs!) and have spent plenty of time on the bike, so if you are interested in exploring new activities for dogs, or just need an alternative option to exercise your dog, these activities are just how you do it.
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Have fun!

A Texas judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss a criminal defamation lawsuit by the family of a teenager who died after getting in a traffic crash on his school’s football field.

The Houston County District Judge John C. Wooten granted an emergency motion last week asking Wooten to dismiss the lawsuit brought by the Pearsall family, members of a football team.

“Mr. Wooten will not permit (the family) to have a hearing on the lawsuit unless he receives a clear and convincing reason that there is a likelihood of a material prejudice,” Judge Wooten said in his decision to deny the motion to dismiss. “Unless the trial court is to be believed, the plaintiff’s lawyers have never been able to present any evidence of a prejudice by reason of this case.”

According to investigators, the 17-year-old’s father, Anthony Pearsall, Jr., was driving the white vehicle that hit the teen during the July 24, 2011 crash. He was traveling at high speeds and struck the victim twice, including the head; authorities said the teen died of his injuries on July 31. The father was driving the other car and was also charged in the crash.

Wooten didn’t rule on the lawsuit’s merits but ruled that Anthony Pearsall Sr. could bring the suit against the former Superintendent of Pearsall Middle School, who was involved in his son’s accident.

Wooten also ruled that the Pearsall family could move forward in filing other personal injury lawsuits against former Principal Joe Gannon over a possible cover-up of the accident and the death of the teenager.

“The plaintiff’s attorney has already filed this case on behalf of (the Pearsall family) and is going to try to have it dismissed,” Wooten said.

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