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In a typical year, zoo veterinarian’s salaries are between 50 and 70 000 SEK. Zoo veterinarians may work for private zoos, state institutions (including university campuses and museums), and in state-run animal welfare institutions. Anesthesiologists, cardiologists, nephologists, orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists are some other professions that usually require veterinary practice.

The veterinary professions are highly coveted as they are paid well and can be very lucrative. In some professions, a veterinary practice can be considered your entire career, because this can be the best place to practice your skills in certain fields. For example, it can be a great career switch from anesthesiology and orthopedics, to veterinary medicine, dentistry or paediatrics.

What is a zoos vet?

It is a specialised position that requires the work of many specialist animals. It is a job for which you will be paid fairly well.

What is a zoo vet’s average salary?

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The average veterinary salary in a zoo varies from about 20 000 SEK to 60 000 SEK, depending on the level of expertise, the workload and the number of animals brought into the zoo, for an average week.

The salary is significantly higher in higher-priced cities such as Stockholm (around 70 000 SEK per month), Helsinki (70 000 SEK per month), Copenhagen (65.4 000 SEK) and Gothenburg (70 000 SEK per month).

How many animals do zoo vets handle per week?

This depends on the type of veterinary service and whether it is a primary-care animal care clinic or a multi-specialty animal care clinic, or a veterinary hospital. It also depends on the number of veterinarians and the types of veterinary services that need to be performed.

There are usually many, many different staff in any zoological park. The veterinary team consists of several people (in-situ and in the field), who are required to perform specific tasks in order to have animals, which are all unique.

What does it cost to become a zoo vet?

It is a salary that is very well compensated, but depends on where you live. Animal care and veterinary services are generally very similar in a number of countries of the world and are quite cheap when compared to other professions. In Europe, you spend between 6% and 18.5% of your yearly income on animal care costs, whereas it is less than 1

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