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Start small! Dogs walk on lead or lead and pull. Start small with a small walker. Let me give you the basics:

Choose your dog. The key is getting the right dog that makes the walk easier. Choose your walker wisely. If you need help with your dog, ask a great professional. Do a short interview before agreeing to do a walk for you. If you will be walking one, give him a short time to warm up the way you would walk a dog on lead and not pulling. Do a small test walk. When you are very comfortable with the walker, decide if you want to go longer or shorter than 1.5 to 2 hours. If you want to do 1.5 hours and want your dog to walk safely, then I recommend a walking career with a long leash and not a very busy walker. Don’t forget your leash! Never leave your dog with other dogs, kids, or other people. This puts your dog in risk of injury (as well as stress) that she will not have experience with. Do your homework. Go to all kinds of dog walks to practice your walking skills, read books about dog walking, and ask me questions to help you learn. Do not forget that learning and practicing the right habits takes lots of time and practice. If you decide this is enough, then it is time to get serious about starting a walking business.

What if I need to hire a walker and need to find a reliable dog walking business that works with humans?

It is hard to find a good dog walking business for dogs that are walkers. You are lucky! If you do find someone, get a few recommendations from them first before you hire. Many dogs walk at least once a week and these people have great experience and are happy to give you tips. Your best option is to hire an experienced professional. If you do get a new dog walking professional, she can work with you to develop a great workout that is easy to follow. Remember, dogs walk for short intervals and don’t usually follow the lead. Don’t be surprised if your dog walks for only 5 or 10 minutes and then stops. Many experts are not sure about a dog walking business for dogs because they do not have experienced dog trainers. If you do not have an experienced dog trainer, then you should be careful about hiring a walker for dogs. The dog walking industry is not really a big business. You can find good dog walking businesses for dogs in many places (we

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