What insurance do dog walkers need? – Pet Care Business Plan

Dogs and other animals in dog parks will need at least an annual dog liability policy, and that will be your best bet. If you don’t have one, your best option is to obtain a life insurance policy.

Does dog park insurance cover accidents and damage that occurred on your property?

Yes and no. Insurance companies vary on when liability occurs and what is considered a “collision”, but in general, most policies cover the expenses from the moment the dog walks into your property until your death.

Is it possible to purchase a liability policy through Petco?

If you are going to have a pet (even a smaller dog) on your property, it is certainly possible. The insurance companies vary from state to state, so you may have to contact your local insurance agent. For example, in the United States, DogVacay offers a liability policy that covers your pet up to $10,300 in damages from a single accident (usually the only one that can be covered by a policy).
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What is a pet insurance policy?

Pet insurance is similar to a car liability insurance policy, but instead of getting out of the car and running, the policy is used to insure that your pet stays at the park and not runs off with the park visitors. This allows you to keep an eye on your dog at your own risk, though. Because the coverage is for the potential for injury, it doesn’t include loss and damage caused by accidents and damage to your cars.

Is pet insurance a good idea?

In general, you don’t want to get coverage if you don’t feel comfortable putting a deposit down. While it costs you about $50 every time you walk the dog off the property, it can be much more expensive. If your pet is too big for your parking area, you could be out $50 every time he is hit, and you have to pay for his treatment if he needs to be euthanized.

Is there a fee to have a pet insurance policy?

No, there is no fee. Just go to Petco and make an appointment to make sure you are covered.

Can I purchase a pet insurance through a bank?

Some insurance companies offer an option where if you sign a cash order, you can put the cash down and pay with debit or credit card. There is no fee to do this, so if you decide that it isn’t the right fit, there is no downside.


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