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Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre: In the first video of this series we reveal the details to the public as well as identify the suspect. To support the school shooter investigation, we will take a look at the background of the Sandy Hook shooter, the people that he was connected with, the gun laws and the media coverage over the next 2 hours.

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New York (CNN) — On Tuesday, the last day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the families of 20 children and six adults had to endure yet another harrowing tragedy: The first video of them being killed was revealed to the public and for them a horrifying sense of loss.

The graphic scenes of bloodied, screaming children and adults that have been seen only in the first two videos released this month of Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre suspect Adam Lanza revealed a terrifying reality the family members have spent hours and days trying to make sense of: Adam Lanza, the gunman responsible for killing 26 children and 6 adults in a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was a disturbed, angry teenager.

“Every time I talk to one of my other children about the tragedy that we went through, it’s like everything that he’s saying or doing makes it worse. It’s so hard to understand,” said the father of the gunman’s mother, Patricia Smith. “You get so focused on trying to make sense of it and trying to protect your children against those that would hurt them, it’s hard to think about the fact that his mind is all over the place.”

A search for answers

The parents of the children who died on Friday and six killed in the shooting have been searching for answers every day since the elementary school massacre took place a week ago.

They still don’t know. They are convinced their family’s deaths will not be used in a political campaign — or a movie film — and they believe they have made up their minds.

“It’s a loss so deep that it will never come, no matter what our political and cultural leaders and the American media tries to tell us,” Patricia Smith said. “It’s something we can only feel. The way he talked to us. The way he treated