How much does a pet shop owner make?

Pet shop owners earn between £1,100 and £1,800 per month, which ranges from £8,500 to £9,300 depending on the size of the business. The lowest wage category in a pet shop is one that earns £7,000 to £9,000. The top two income earners are usually a mix of both.

Top four pet shop owners £1,600 £1,900 £2,200 £2,800

Top five pet businesses £2,800 £3,300 £4,800

Top 10 pet businesses £7,700 £8,100 £10,100

Pet shop wages increase slightly in March to £2,800 for the first quarter as the month of March has a higher proportion of ‘biggerties’ than any other month.

Earnings from trading can be highly beneficial to a pet shop business, particularly if you sell your inventory to a third party.

How much do pet shops earn?

Pet shops can earn far more than other working retailers. The average wage for a dog & cat breeder in the UK was £17,900 in April 2016.

Top 10 pet shop workers £2,100 £2,800 £2,800 £4,000 £4,000

Top 10 pet shop earners £15,000 £22,500 £35,000 £49,500 £50,500

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Feline business

The Feline Conservation charity runs the Feline Centre of Europe as a charity and is the only UK-based feline breeder.

Their average income per year is £5,000 but you can find plenty of cats to choose from for up to £13,800 a year.

How much does a cat breeder make?

One cat breeder with five cats for sale for £2,700.

Top 10 feline breeder earners £4,200 £4,700 £5,000 £5,800

Top 10 cat breeder earners £4,400 £4,800 £5,600 £6,000

Top 10 cat breeder earners £4,800 £