How long can you leave a dog alone legally? – Pet Business For Sale Near Me

A. The law sets minimum time limits – up to 90 days per year – for a dog to stay with human visitors.

If your pet is roaming freely outside, your rights change. You can get a temporary or permanent shelter exemption, giving you the option to keep your dog at your home, and possibly keep him/her with a new family member. (There is an exemption, called a “pet bond,” in the law allowing pets to be held for longer periods in an animal shelter.)

Some animals you may be aware of are:

Maltese cats and dogs: They can stay outdoors, usually for long periods, under the bond law.

Rabbits: The law prevents you from keeping a dog that has not completed 10 days of shelter training and is roaming freely outside for extended periods.

How do I keep my pet indoors?

A. Many shelters allow pets to be outdoors if they have been microchipped, and have their tags removed if they are not in a confined area. The law does not address microchipping, and any animal that has not yet been microchipped must stay indoors. If your pet is not in a confined area, you may be allowed to keep him/her indoors with you. There also are exemptions for pets that have been microchipped and are under 6 months old, have been microchipped for less than six months and are under six years old, or have been microchipped on or before January 1, 2010. These exemptions also allow dogs in the home more frequently, and pets of some breeds or ages to accompany their owners on the property of a business. (For information about the law as it affects pet adoption, please see “When to Adopt.”)
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Is it true that there is a “no pets allowed on property” sign outside my house?

A. Yes, the sign says, “The property of J.P. Murgatroyd, is not to be used for the confinement of pets.” However, the law allows a pet shelter exemption, when it allows animals to be housed on a property.

Is there an exemption to keep a pet when traveling?

A. Yes. This is true for any public place and on any private property.

Can I still keep my pet in my home when I am at a business retreat without asking permission?

A. Yes, the law allows you to keep your pet indoors and keep it within sight or e

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