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The answer is that if you do not need or want the help of a dog, you should be able to walk your dog and do this at a reasonable pace.
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Some dogs (for example a puppy or a dog that is not used to human contact) walk very slowly, and some dogs get very excited walking and can go quite fast. You have to be aware that there are different ways to go; not everyone will be able to maintain a reasonable pace. You also have to remember that if the dog does not care, then it should not be walked! A dog that is happy is also happy to see you and will want nothing to do with you, so always be aware of whether there are problems such as barking, fighting or too much attention. Also remember that some dogs (particularly older dogs, for example some with arthritis or who have been through a traumatic episode such as being hit by a car) can suffer from tremors and they are more likely to walk faster than other dogs.

It has been demonstrated that, in one study, dogs that walk faster than you can walk walk faster than you. For example, in a study comparing how much a dog can walk over the 5 km distance between two stations, dogs that walked at a pace twice that of the humans could walk over double their distance. Some of the dogs had been walking for 8 hours and this could be an example of overgrazing. For another example of overgrazing that is not as pronounced as the first example, if the dogs could walk at a speed of 2 km/h less than humans, even a single step could be twice the distance it is for humans, but can take twice as long and have 5 times the impact on the dog. However, even if your dog walks quite slowly it is not always safe to walk with or behind your dog, so use care in deciding if that is what is safer for you! Remember too that a dog that gets frightened can get really excited and can be very much at an ‘unfriendly’ level. This can result in people trying to push the dog away and to try to calm the dog down. Do not just let the dog be. The best thing to do is to walk in a way that will keep the dog in its accustomed environment, and let it have fun. Don’t try and be an expert dog walker for dogs who are new to humans. A dog can be trained quickly and should not be overly aggressive unless it sees an object.

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