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If you or a family member has a dog or a companion animal that is a nuisance, that can be grounds for a citation. (For more, read:

What you can do

While a dog may be aggressive toward you, there are some steps you can take to keep it away:

If the dog is aggressive toward you and the owner or keeper, you can try to calm the dog into a safe environment using these three tactics.

Don’t get mad. You’ll risk hurting the dog.

Don’t try to move or move the dog. This will only make the dog angry.

If your dog isn’t making you or your family look bad, you should give the dog your respect that it is no longer an unwelcome guest in your home.

If you think that the dog is aggressive toward you, you can try several methods, including:

Cleaning up your yard and neighborhood.

Mowing or trimming the dog’s fur.

Muzzle brushing or training the dog (see below).

Muzzle training

Cleaning up your yard with a mop and bucket, removing and washing out weeds, trash or other unwanted items.

The most common method to get dogs under control quickly is to muzzle them by gently touching the muzzle to your hand as they run or run around.

Muzzles can help calm your dog and provide for them a safe and secure environment. A muzzling dog may also become more content. Most dogs will try to return to you when their muzzles are muzzled.

Cleaning up a dog’s yard and neighborhood will reduce unwanted visitors and dog problems.

Muzzles can be a deterrent. When you muzzle a dog, a strong urge to run away will be stronger and stronger. Once you have the dog by your side, you’ll feel less of the urge to run away. If a dog refuses to come back for several days, check in with your vet.

Chewiness and excessive chewing or teeth-grinding are a warning sign that the dog doesn’t have a settled relationship with its new master. Dogs that chew will be more fearful of having your hand in their mouth. They will also become more dependent on you for food and affection.

If you think a dog, especially a young, inexperienced dog, is having problems, contact Animal Control (734) 484-4490. Their officers can come out

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