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No one can legally own more than seven pet dogs in Canada. Only a member of The Dogwood Society may own more than one pet. We would be glad to help your cause, but due to the nature of the business, we simply can’t, and will not, handle the needs of many more pets.

How do I get started?

We believe dogs are a great, loving, friendly companion, and we would love for you to come join us. Please email [email protected] or call (705) 831-5588 with any questions.

Mitt Romney’s political adviser Ron Klain told a reporter today that he is “not interested in” going back on his previous comments. In an interview with a liberal blog, “Leftists for Obama,” he said:

“It’s hard to say no” to Obama’s position on gay marriage and immigration. “I’m not interested in looking back and re-litigating the last time, but I do think, look, we’re going to have debates over a series of issues in the next year, but I actually don’t want to be a part of those.”

This is not an idle threat. Klain told the blog that there is a “frightening sense that Barack Obama has a very strong base of public support, where voters are willing to stand up and say ‘We’re not with Barack Obama,’ and if a Republican is going to go out and make it very clear that they would try to stop him, that’s going to make it very difficult not only for him to get elected but also for them to have any significant chance of being in power.”

The problem is that Romney himself is doing just that by opposing Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. That is a position the Supreme Court picked up with its 4-3 decision overturning gay marriage bans nationwide.

Now that they have made the decision, it seems fair to say that many Americans do not want President Obama to appoint a conservative justice. It is certainly not fair to say, as the Romney campaign does, that “if you are a conservative, you’re not going to vote for us.” We do not have to choose between these two positions.

The problem, though, is that it makes no sense to go out on a limb and challenge President Obama on something as clearly settled law as gay marriage, when the decision they have made is that you cannot challenge it.


The reason why it is

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