Do you have to pay taxes for Rover? – Online Pet Business Opportunities

No, if you are not an employee and you bought a Rover in the past three years, you can avoid paying taxes for this vehicle to avoid paying the full amount due. So it’s worth it to buy a Rover now before the tax year in which it is due in order to avoid paying taxes on the previous purchase. To prove you have not bought a vehicle in the past three years, use one of the following documents:

A Vehicle History Report or vehicle registration renewal

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In case of your purchases, make sure to visit the online Rover Sales Centre for complete service and advice to take care of your buy. As Rover sells a lot of vehicles, you can find information related to all the purchases of a vehicle, even up to the previous sale, in our catalogue.

How can I calculate the tax that is due?

The amount of the tax is calculated after you have checked and determined the total number of vehicles you own. The tax was the sum of the initial purchase price plus the total number of vehicles and any amount for sales, if applicable. In case you bought the vehicle while you were not earning any income or purchasing additional vehicles, the tax can be calculated after you have verified if you have received any income. As such, it’s a tricky matter. For the tax amount to be payable, the following criteria must be met:

Total Number of Vehicles: The number of vehicles must exceed the number of previous purchase (if any).

Number of previous purchase (if any). Total Number of Payment Years: The following conditions apply: If you purchased the Rover with a payment period of less than 12 months, you must have paid the original purchase price or the first three months’ payments in the amount of 10,000 RM or more. If you purchased a Rover and you paid for the vehicle in one payment period more than 12 months, you must have paid any of the following after the purchase price or any amount of payments, or the original purchase price, whichever was greater: Total Amounts paid during one payment period of 12 or less months, or Total amount paid during both payment periods of 12 or less months. In any case, the tax must be calculated in two equal instalments at the end of your third payment period or within six months of your sixth payment period or within six months of your eighth payment period. If the total number of vehicles is 12 or more, then you must include the number of vehicles you already owned and in which you paid more than the tax amount.

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