How much can you earn as a dog walker?

In the worst case scenario, your average fee could be around $150 each week if you walk your dog all day long.

If your average walk time is less than ten minutes, you may only get $10 per week. If your walk is longer, you may only get $6.90 per week.

What is your work?

The most lucrative work is dog walking on your own. There are various options depending on the company you work for.

For instance, a dog walks for a fee of just $10.00/hour from an office. If you work from home, it only costs $6.95/hr to drive your dog to the dog walk.

So, how can you earn big dollars if your average work is less than 10 minutes of dog walking?

You can make $2/hr for every 20 minutes of dog walking.

This is not an amount that you can ignore because it is not what your average salary is. This could be more because you are working in a different part of the country or you may not be working from home.

You can also earn more with an hourly rate:

$10.00 – $10.50/hr.

$10.25 – $10.75/hr.

$11.00 – $12.50/hr

$12.75 – $13.00/hr

$13.25 – $13.50/hr

$13.75 – $14.00/hr

$14.75 – $14.75/hr

$15.00 – $15.50/hr

$15.75 – $16.50/hr

$16.75 – $17.00/hr

$17.25 – $17.50/hr

$18.00 – $18.25/hr

$18.50 – $19.00/hr

$19.25 – $19.50/hr

Your weekly pay will depend on your income, location and how satisfied your work is.

So, if you work one hour, you can earn $1.50 / hour. If you work in a different part of the country, you may earn less at $1.00 / hour.

This is good to know when you are deciding whether to make your dog walk a full-time job or you