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A pet shop Licence is a fee you need to pay to have a qualified pet shop for sale on your premises.
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How much is a pet shop licence?

To acquire a pet shop license you need to have a minimum of £5000 as a deposit plus £3000 (including VAT) deposit money from the sales tax and insurance charge, plus a minimum of £5000 to cover the costs of maintaining the premises and maintaining the licence.

Are pet shops insured?

A pet store Licence is subject to being insured by National Insurance Services (NIS) in the event that you need to cover the costs of maintaining the store. You will need to contact NIS on 0845 033 7200.

What happens if my pet shop is closed?

If your pet shop is closed you have to pay a charge from the licence. We can’t refund these charges (except in exceptional circumstances). These charges are the same as if the store is closed on your behalf.

In the event that your pet store is closed you must make sure that the closing notice on the shop sign (see the photo below) is still in place and that you have registered your pet shop as an animal shop.

How often can I sell my pet shops?

We need to establish a supply chain where animals are bought and sold. You must supply your pet shop Licence to us every 4 years. So if you close your pet shop for whatever reason you need to tell us before the 4 years are up.

When can I go to buy a pet shop Licence?

If you are holding a licence you can take part in a local authority scheme for ‘cadets and pets’. For details, see

Why don’t the licensed pet shops sell to us?

Some local authorities are unwilling to license pets shops and refuse to buy out all the pet shops of other councils. Local authorities which are also subject to NHS funding requirements like local authority healthcare and are willing to spend money on vets/vet clinics, and have been for the past 20 years, also accept pet shops. It is important therefore for our Licensed Pet Store Sales Manager to establish a supply chain where animals are bought and sold.

Why aren’t we selling into Wales?

Cities and region do regulate how much they buy out licensed pet shops but there are

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