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You will be charged as a dog owner. This can be the same fee you paid if you gave your dog to another owner or pet store for a free day of walking. You will also be charged an applicable insurance amount as well as a $1 pet deposit (you may also have to pay a replacement fee). As long as you walk the dog for a specific length of time, the amount you have to pay for your pet will not exceed $35 for a regular walk or petting fee, or $60 for a private walk (a fee varies if you get a pet for your business). The total amount you are able to charge should not exceed the total amount of walking your dog for the day.

How do I get my dog licensed?

An application must be submitted to our office and we will review your application, check your health certificates and any other pertinent information. If your dog comes from the United States, Texas or another state, you will need to show proof of a current license from the state where the dog came, as well as other pertinent information. If your application is submitted in person at our office, your pet is also required to be spayed or neutered. If the owner lives in Texas, an emergency license may be required upon application. A dog that is not neutered must be spayed or neutered prior to going into our office. Do not give your dog away, and do not dispose of your pet on other property or in other than the premises of the shelter. There are laws that make it difficult to sell your dog at a community auction, but if the owner has already bought their dog and plans to keep it at our facility, they may purchase the dog from us for the minimum fee. There is an exception to this to owners that live in the greater Houston area. Contact us for further assistance. If we do not have a specific area in mind, we will usually set a daily limit and set aside the number of days we can hold puppies for. It is recommended that owners choose a shelter near them to ensure that their dog gets plenty of exercise and fresh air.

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Can I bring my dog into a business/school or into a hotel?

While most business and hotel/motel owners understand that people are more likely to walk their pets if they know what is going on and that their pet is safe and may be kept in a reasonable amount of safety for the safety of the animal, dogs do occasionally enter other premises in the city which may pose a health

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