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Sidney Jones

Most states still allow people to have up to two dogs in a home if they provide the family with a yard or a pet room. The question is how they measure walking. The states that have approved this have adopted the term ‘walking’, which covers not just walking on the street but also on sidewalks, in car parks and in fields. A more controversial area is how dogs can be considered to be allowed on sidewalks. The American Kennel Club considers a dog walking on the sidewalk to mean that there are no restrictions on how far a dog can walk or whether a dog can sit.

The issue is further complicated by the fact that there is debate over what constitutes a dog. Some dogs are listed in both the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) and the Pet Owners’ Federation’s (PFO) lists, and others are listed as not being considered dogs at all, because they have no tail.

Is a walking dog illegal?

The fact that so many dogs are walking around in public has raised concerns that some owners think they are legal. The AKC does not permit the walking of any breed of dog in the United States, and while dogs may be allowed out in public, they can not walk on streets.

So, is a walking dog illegal? The answer here depends on your state. The US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not issue a list of banned breeds. Many states have an animal control authority that is authorized in your community.

The Pet Owners’ Federation (PFO) defines “walking dog” as “an animal that is typically engaged in a walking or sitting task” and adds that the purpose of this activity does not need to be to engage in a pursuit, such as running up and down a hill, but rather to have freedom of movement.

Where it is legal in my state, walk your dog wherever you want. While some may balk at this suggestion, it is not unusual for walking dogs to spend much of their time and energy on sidewalks. There may be some places though that might be a better place to keep a dog for your family.

Can I walk my dog in church on Holy Saturday in Australia?

This is up for debate (and maybe not even in Australia), so I think the best advice is not to give up on a chance to walk your dog in church.

There are local dog walking clubs and they may permit you to walk your dog

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