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The general idea is to select dogs that will fit in well with your family and will be able to fulfill some of your specific needs. Generally, older dogs are able to work in a family-driven home without being too demanding. Dogs aged in their 20’s and older can be considered somewhat demanding because although they can do a lot of things, they can’t be relied on to do them well.

Is this for people that do not want to live by the rules?

Unfortunately, yes. Many people are looking for dogs that are capable of being part of the family. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you should look at your dog’s history to determine if he would be ok working if you are having any issues with your home. Some people would love a dog that did not bark at and growl at visitors, but some like a dog that does not give off this bad atmosphere. While you should not expect to be able to force your dog to do many tasks at once, if a dog likes the company of others, then this probably seems reasonable.

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Is this a full time job?

This is not for everyone, but it certainly can make for some great work hours. The goal is to make an average income while still working some hours.

What is the average?

It all depends a lot on what your budget for a dog is. If you only spend $5 to $10 a day on food, then this dog may not be as “expensive” as you may expect. However, if you are planning on spending lots of money, then you may want to invest in a dog that can actually make a profit. You may also find that having your dog available will keep you from having to be away from home too much. Most dogs do do a lot of laundry, and cleaning up after a family member can not only be stressful for kids, but your dog will also help out with laundry. This also includes all the dishes that need clean up after. You could easily make $6-$8 an hour working a dog in this way. Many dogs will actually take home tips from you for things to do around the house when you are not there, and dogs have a great knack of being helpful and good company. Most people could make $10-$15 an hour working a dog, and you can see a lot of that time can be spent out in the field too.

Where do you see yourself working in five years?

This will depend on

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