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So there is no easy answer, but here are a few things to look for in pet products:

Product safety — not only does the company or pet company test its products to make them more secure and effective, they also require a veterinarian’s evaluation and approval.

Product quality — the manufacturers of pet products follow the USP-IRMS standards for quality. Pet owners need to be assured their pet’s pet products are suitable for their pets and that they meet the highest quality standards.

Product satisfaction — pet owners need assurance that their pet treats are safe. While the pet products sold online do not appear to follow the strict USPIRMS standards, pet owners can count on their pet treats meeting or exceeding the manufacturer’s quality expectations.

Product value — pet owners want to make sure the pet treats they purchase have value for money. Pet owners can save money by purchasing lower quality pet treats online from a trusted online dealer. They can also save if they choose from a trusted online retailer that will offer discounts to pet owners on their order, and by purchasing products online that offer free shipping or a free gift when the order is settled.

Pet-friendly shopping options

Pet lovers can select a pet-friendly online retailer for a variety of reasons.

First of all, consumers can save on pet-related products at Pet-Friendly online retailers. First, companies such as Pet Safe, K-Pet and PetCo offer discounts to pet store shoppers when they make online purchases, so consumers who shop there can expect to save on pet store pet products.

Second, pet shoppers can choose to use Amazon instead of a pet-friendly pet product retailer if they would prefer Amazon’s free returns and free 2-day air shipment, which is a perk many pet owners value when it comes to pet products.

Lastly, consumers can choose to purchase pet-friendly pet products from different retailers that carry a wide assortment of products that meet the USPIRMS standards. For example, Pet Safeco, K-Pet and PetSavers carry a large selection of pet products and they can help guide the pet buyer through the process of deciding what pet foods and medications to buy and which products to avoid.

With so many options on the online pet-store market, pet owners can find the right dog bed, pet carrier, pet toy, cat carrier and more at PetSmart, Petco, PetSmart Pet Group and more.

If you prefer some of these pet friendly retailers

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