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The most likely candidate is Pekingese or Golden Retrievers, but these dogs can be an annoyance in some situations. It’s just such a pleasure to watch them.

In the spirit of Halloween, we offer several of our favourite Halloween costume ideas as downloadable PDF files via the download menu on this page.

Here are a few links to the full-sized files and download links:

Fairy Lights

Cake Tear

Scary Mugs

Candy Corn

Dreadful Dolls

I Want to See How Wicked That’s Getting!

Mug Candy

Scary Mug



Ghosts for Halloween

Scary Face Mask

Frightful Haunted Face Mask

Gothic Horror Face Mask


Haunted Moustache

Death Mask

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Mask


Dark Matter Face Mask

The University of California Berkeley recently announced it was planning a change of policy that would allow students to carry firearms into all university buildings and grounds.

But as The New York Times noted, there were objections to this new policy from the campus’ student senators.

One student suggested a new policy would allow students to carry shotguns into the classroom…

“We are not asking for a permit [but] the weapon should be within arm’s reach and in clear sight during class, and no longer on the floor, in the hallway or anywhere else,” the student write in the letter, which was provided to the New York Times by a member of the campus senate. “Students must be allowed to keep guns on campus, because all students should be able to practice the skills of safe firearms handling as part of being a member of Berkeley’s community.”

A coalition of student leaders and elected officials have sent a letter to the president to stop the policy before it could take effect, as well as to the university’s chancellor and to its president, Nicholas Dirks.

The letter follows:

Our Campus Senators – Students, staff, faculty and parents- oppose a new policy that could allow the University of California to allow students with concealed weapons on campus. The University’s existing campus carry policy is not in line with the community, which wants us to make the campus a place that fosters a high level of community. Our campus senators believe a more focused, community-focused policy that takes into consideration what is considered

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