How do I start a successful dog walking business? – How To Start A Pet Shop

Here’s my advice to you…

Find a dog walking business you want to work for. Do some research and decide whether you want to start a business. When you find a business that works and you love it, take a look at their pricing and how their business works. What is it that you love about the dog walking business and its structure? Ask yourself what your best customers are. How do you think they use the dog walking business? What are the advantages of their business? Where are the dog walking businesses you would recommend to your customers? Take a look at the dog walks websites, websites of dog walking companies and the people in dog walking companies and think about how your business would go. What do you have to offer that you can share with your best customers? What are you trying to communicate with your customers and their dog walking experience that they can understand and appreciate? Is your best customer dog walking or working? Where are you located? What is the appeal of your business?

Do these 3 things to figure out the best business to start.

1. Choose a business that works for you. A good dog walking business offers something for your customers that you can’t find in your normal daily dog walking business. A good business will have a different clientele than your regular business and you can charge for a different type of business with that different clientele. It may be an off leash dog walking business, it may be a puppy walking business, it could be a therapy dog business, etc. A good business will not be something you start to build a “business”. In order to grow a business from scratch, you must start a business and a good business will make your customers feel special.

2. Ask yourself what your best customers are. Dog walking businesses have a diverse clientele but there are certain people and occasions which people remember as being the best times they’ve had with their dogs, the “magic moments” where a dog walked by helped them through their day. It’s easy to feel like someone’s dog gave them a break but these moments are not rare. They might have been a long, lonely walk, a hot summer afternoon or a nice little walk for a little bit of exercise to help get their mind off whatever it is they’re looking at. Ask yourself what dog walkers call “the magic moments”. If you have a dog, ask your dogs themselves. If you need a puppy walker, ask people they know. If you sell pet supplies that are made from food

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