How do you do the pole dance? – Pole Dance Song Rock

“The pole dance is a technique in front of a crowd which the dancer performs on poles placed in a circle. They have to do the entire pole on one step at a time, and it looks a bit difficult, but if you can do it and your team is good, you will be rewarded with a medal after one, two and sometimes five Pole Dances.”

If you had a pole dance competition with the US girls that were winning a lot of medals at the last Games in Sochi 2014, how would you have prepared?

“They had already put a lot of time and effort into the preparation. The practice and performance of Pole Dance is very challenging, there are a lot of movements you have to think about, and if you’re not really prepared, it can be very challenging. What has always worked in the past is the teams that were better in both their performance in the opening ceremony and the pole dance performance, won the gold medals in the pole dance category. Of course, it will depend on the performance of the other team. The Olympic committee does not want pole dancers only performing the opening ceremony on stage, but if this performance is high quality, it can really boost their performance and help them be rewarded with a medal at the closing ceremony.”

Do you think it might be possible for girls to make it to the 2012 Olympics, even in a mixed team – because they are female athletes?

“You can’t deny that women are better than men in Pole Dance. You need two exceptional female performers and the Olympic Committee has always been very supportive of that. Also, the Olympic Games start in March and Pole Dance can start very early in December, so if you’re not very good or you feel that the performance is not high quality, you can start in December. So Pole Dance has always been very inclusive of athletes from different disciplines for a good reason – because athletes from different sports can improve in similar ways.”

There are currently more than 100 girls’ countries competing in Pole Dances. How does the organization think that a Pole Dancer at the 2012 Games will perform compared to the 2012 Olympic Games?

“If you look at this year’s performance, there were a few girls in the top ten, and we have more than 150 countries at the 2012 Games plus a few others who had not won a medal at the 2012 Winter Paralympics. As a result, we have an excellent Pole Dancer selection.”

It’s already a global thing at that level – the

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