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We all know how much people love to dance, and it goes back to the ancient Greeks. So it would seem there are plenty of stories out there about people getting away with it at their weddings (or, more recently, at funeral affairs) or at celebrations. Some stories are true, some are fake, some are just exaggerated. But a couple of things about those stories stand out. First, there are all sorts of factors that can keep us from being able to dance:

We’ve done our math and decided that, for most of us, it just won’t be possible to do a full lap at a wedding. Many of us will never even think about doing it, or only do it at special occasions, without a huge amount of work. We’ll also be trying our absolute hardest to perform to our expectations. Asking for permission is an important part of doing the thing we’ve always wanted to do.

Second, what’s even more important is that there are all kinds of people who may just not want to dance – not simply because of our size, not simply because we’re too uncomfortable or too lazy, but because we’re simply not comfortable with it for other reasons (e.g. they’re not married or have kids).

What can you do about it?

That’s a great question because, in general, you can’t force someone to dance on their own. Unless you’re the most amazing person on the planet, you might need to work on a little bit of practice to get yourself dancing in a way that feels right, but just because your parents told you to “do that” doesn’t mean that’s the only way.

If your size is a big deal to you, maybe you need to get a professional to work on your dancing with you.

If being a little bit uncomfortable is making you hesitant, consider changing how you dress for your wedding. Some dresses don’t have pockets or cording that makes it easy for you to hold things in, and it’s difficult to get them adjusted while still wearing your outfit. You don’t have to always choose “cute,” but try some more relaxed or more formal dresses with slits in the skirt to help hold items in.

Do you find the way your dress fits is the main thing that keeps you from dancing? What does that look like when you realize you can’t do dance around the corner? Share your thoughts in the comments:


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