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Gesso spray is a substance that is applied inside the anus or anus folds, so that the vagina and anus muscles do not suffer injury.

However, gesso spray still remains a highly toxic substance. Any time someone comes into contact with gesso, they should immediately use adequate protection, as the substance is highly toxic to both the bladder and digestive system.

What happens to gesso spray if it’s injected?

After injection, gesso drops down into the bloodstream, where it can travel through the bloodstream to any number of different places.

If there is any possibility that someone has injected gesso, the person should seek immediate medical attention. The person should immediately seek hospital attention and remove the gesso spray.

In case patients are injecting gesso but it seems to do no harm, they might ask to perform emergency tests to see if there is an issue with the drug or how it got into their body.

What is the risk of people getting gesso by accident?

All you need to do is to use appropriate clothing and personal hygiene.

When using clothing such as a swimsuit, clothing should not contain any kind of gesso solution.

This goes for wearing any type of hair dye or applying any type of makeup, especially for a period of time.

Any person who has applied a gesso treatment product or who has used any kind of plastic applicator should take further care.

Any of the following should be avoided when using gesso products:

If someone is pregnant or nursing a baby, the medication can cause severe birth defects or even death.

If someone has any form of diabetes or is under certain medical attention, the gesso can cause an infection. Therefore, people should avoid gesso if they have any type of medical interest or attention to their gout.
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Any person who is under constant and continuous care should be especially cautious. As this procedure can induce a wide variety of side effects, they should take their own safety measures.

What is the treatment of gesso spray?

If the gassy substance is already inside the rectum or anus folds when somebody injects gesso, the rectum remains empty. The patient can take a shower after use of the gesso to see if there is any swelling. The rectal muscles then should not be damaged from such a harsh treatment.

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