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Can you offer a recommendation?
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The Tattoo Artist is a tattoo parlor/studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. From the moment that I walk into a tattoo parlor, I am instantly attracted to their style and personality. There should always be a wide variety of styles on each artist’s work, so that we can create something unique to each client on any given job. Tattoos are all made to last and I love that. If one of my clients does not feel that it works, or if he has an issue, I love my clients as long as they know that I will always find the best solution. I have a hard time getting clients with major issues, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found them with all the styles they’ve asked for and with no issues. Sometimes people just know how to do a specific style I’ve seen in work and they just don’t know what else to come up with or what their client’s mind can handle.

Have you ever heard anyone say they “didn’t want to be” as a young artist?

As an artist I just keep to myself and not say a lot. It helps not to be able to control everything as much. I just keep my eyes open and look for the great things that I see in everyone. There have been times when I have felt a bit insecure, but it helped me get to the bottom of things as well. I’m very aware of what I’m doing at the moment and am always looking for a way to improve. My clients get to see me as a teacher and a coach. I really don’t see it that way outside of the tattoo industry. If you are going to do a tattoo, then it should be a tattoo that will last as long as you need it to and that is where my opinion of myself comes from.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, how about a custom made piece that would be fun to own. What would that look like?

Any person wanting a custom art piece may contact me. The idea I’ve grown up with is that I do the job and then I give the client a piece he or she can have fun creating by themselves. If I hear about someone who doesn’t want to have fun then I will always get to the bottom of it and work on finding an individual for the job. I also make the pieces as little or no design as possible to allow the client to get into their creative process.

What type of tattoos do you have on

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