Does drinking water help you lose weight? – Weight Loss Calculator

Yes No

Is drinking water good for your health? Yes No

Are you drinking lots of water? Yes No

What will your water consumption be? No Water (1 liters per day) Yes Water (1 liters per day) No Water (1 liters per day) No Water (1 liters per day) No Water (1 liters per day) No Water (1 liters per day) No Water (1 liters per day) No Water (1 liters per day) Yes No

Is it safe to drink water after your meal? Yes No

How much water can you drink? 1 liters

How much water can you drink all day? No water

How much water would I like to drink from a faucet? No faucet

How do I drink water when I’m thirsty? Pour into a plastic jug

When do I refill my water bottles? Every 15 minutes

How do I change a refill from a plastic drinking jug to a glass bottle? Fill with water through an outlet

What do I do if I have a headache or I feel thirsty? Drink more water

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