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You have to check that it still fits. If it doesn’t, take up to an hour of patience to take it off. If it does, you have to be quick about it – I used to call this a ‘quick’ bib to save on the hassle

How long would a bra size take?

If you get it wrong there is a possibility you’ll end up with too big a cup in your breasts. It’s normal for your breasts to become more large than you think.

The cup size of the bra may be too big for you now by chance, but when it comes into the wash it will shrink slightly to fit you properly in the bra – some breasts will grow when it comes into the wash.

You may have problems with some breasts growing too large, but most bras will fit within the cup size you need and some bras will fit well even if that size is too large.
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So if you find out your bra size is too small you can ask your nurse to size up. There are plenty of ways to do this if you are concerned.

So does having your bra size wrong affect my boobs?

No. I got the wrong size bra and don’t think any of that matters. My boobs are still the same great size that they were before.

It’s more common for women to have their bra size changed than it is for a bra size to change itself (which is a rather strange coincidence).

What if my bra is too much for me?

If it’s too tight for you then you may just have to go on your own. Again, it’s normal for your breasts to grow to a certain size – it’s how they grow that’s different from the bra size.

It’s possible to go back and forth between the cups between sizes. As a result, it is common to buy one size, put on a bra and keep on wearing it. It may not be as comfortable as the new cup size – but it’s what you have to do to get on with your life! Once we are in the know we will be on the lookout for new bras.

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