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It’s probably a good sign to have at least a little bit of activity at the gym but it’s no guarantee your body will burn them all – or in general – in every workout you’ve got up to.

For the average gym-goer, there are different levels of exercise – you might have to go for a short or a moderate pace, or do regular sprints with a lot of weight.

If your aim is to build up fitness levels you will probably aim for the highest possible numbers.

But what will those numbers look like in terms of calories burned?

If we want to know which numbers will be best for our body and we know how many calories per pound of lean muscle mass we need to get there then we can try calculating this out for ourselves.

How many calories per hour (cal/h, kilocalories/hour, etc) should I be working out?

It really depends on what you’re trying to build.

If you’re just trying to burn more calories then you can calculate your calorie intake by multiplying the weight of your total body by the amount of time you have to work out by:

kg = (12.5 – weight x time x minutes per day x hours per month) (1)

However there is actually a formula which will give the exact number of calories that you are actually burning for a given weight and it is based on just those two numbers:

kg = weight x time x seconds per day x hours per month = calories burned x (weight x time x seconds per day x hours per month) (2)

For someone who weighs 100kg (220lb) we would use the following formula:

100kg = 220lbs * 2 = 2,600 calories burned per day

For someone who weighs 150lbs (240lb) we would use the following formula:

150lbs = 230lbs * 2 = 2,800 calories burned per day

If you are trying to build strength for a sport you will likely want to start working at a moderate or high intensity for several different sessions to build up to your goal.

It may be that you are actually only using a medium training pace and you might want to slow down a little bit before you hit the next level.

How many calories per week can I burn?

Some people believe that if they are only eating 5g of fat per day then they can sustain the weight loss of just

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