Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Belly Dance Training Delhi

Yes, according to Muhammad’s own words. In a speech from the “Dawlah al-Islam” (“The Call of Islam”) which Muslims commonly quote, Muhammad said, “The Quran is the only guidance, and anyone that believes that on the basis of the Quran, they should stop anything in their lives, will be wrong, and his deeds will not be accepted with him.”

In Islam, it’s very clear that the Quran is the only correct and true guidance for Muslims to the right path.

“Even if a man believes God has revealed the Qur’an to him and he recites this whole book every day, there is no reason to stop [reading the Quran] every second day because it is in the Qur’an but there is no reason to stop reading it every second night because it is in the sunnah, and to stop reading the sunnah one must listen to it in silence every second night.” (Ummat al-Hadeeth: Volume 14, Page 508)

Also, it is perfectly normal for Muslims to dance if they are encouraged by their Prophet to do so.

Does Sharia allow women to cover it?

Yes! In order to explain why, let’s return to the issue of the Sunnah and dance.

The Prophet taught us three types of dress: (1) The traditional clothing and habits, (2) The dress in which the woman chooses, and (3) the attire in which she wears while wearing it.

“If a woman is dressed according to the style prescribed by the Prophet, then her choice of attire is permissible for all times and that is what is in the Quran [interpretation of the meaning]: Allah is All-Aware of what you do.” (Surah al-Kahf 5:34)

In this verse, God calls the woman to be modest and modest is the first thing she should do. The second part is important. It says that she will be punished if she does not cover herself because the second part forbids her from covering herself. According to the Quran, women were punished, both physically and morally, for their actions.

In Surah al-Uzoom, it is mentioned that the Qur’an forbids the woman to cover herself while performing the duties of the household. Thus, she must cover herself while covering her body, and her choice of garments is only allowed in the context of the duties of woman’s household.


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