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(Part 1)

Belly fat is like a muscle, it grows and contracts in a predictable manner. And one of the ways that you can lose it faster and more easily in the long run, is by eliminating certain foods that increase belly fat.

How do you lose belly fat?

I have put together a list of foods that will make you lose belly fat quickly, and I have tested a few of these foods. Here is a sample of food that I have put on this list.

Foods that make you lose belly fat fast

These foods will get your belly fat rid of faster, but if you want to keep your belly fat from growing, you will need additional nutrition. I would recommend you start with this food list, as it will work for most people.

Lemon yogurt with honey

Lemon curd with honey

Apple & apple juice


Low fat milk

Soy milk

Fat free milk

Fat free yoghurt milk

Paisley & apple juice


Keto chocolate shake

Keto banana shake

Oat milk

Brown rice milk



Duck fat

Peanut butter

Cashew Nut Spread

Tofu w/ honey

Beet, sunflower & pumpkin seeds

Milk chocolate bar

Eating healthy fats & protein makes you feel full longer. Read about this in my first book: What Your Body Needs to Feel Great.

If you find that you really need to add some foods at specific times of day to lose belly fat, read my book How to Overcome Belly Fat: How One Woman Helped Change the World for Good. This book is my most popular work yet!

If you would like to get a sample of how foods are supposed to cause belly fat, read my book: My Ultimate Guide to Becoming Ultra-Healthy.

For a more detailed list of foods that cause belly fat in particular, read my previous blog post, What Causes the Massive Belly Fat of Your Favorite Celebrity Celebrities?.

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