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That’s what I would argue. There is something of the spirit of the pagan movement which is in it. We all danced and sang and we all celebrated the festivals of the gods. I think we were all quite aware of that as a spiritual movement. There is something of the celebration aspect in it. It is not all about the dancing.

“I think the whole thing, all of us, all of us have to take a bit of a responsibility towards the planet.”

Image caption The festival has been criticised by the European Federation of Ethical Tourism

We all have to take a bit of a responsibility toward the planet. We think back to the day of the Great Dying. That was a catastrophe on the planet. All the people who had survived had to live in the forests and the rivers and so on. That was really a tragedy, not just for us but for the world as a whole. We had to work to make sure that we got the food to those who really needed it. So, you know, we didn’t let the animals down about it. It was quite a tragic day in all. And we do not want to let it happen again.

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So, I think as a pagan movement we can look at it quite seriously. Because there is something much deeper than that, a very powerful message behind it. There was something very, very sad and powerful about it when, as we know, millions of people died and a lot of them died right now. That is why we feel so strongly about this festival and this whole process of bringing people together and celebrating together.

“It is about being more positive about life and more positive about each other. I think that is very important.”

Would you call yourself a pagan?

I am a polytheist, so yes, you can ask me that, yeah.

You believe in the existence of spirits within and without your soul. What do you mean by that?

Well, I think in some way it is not right to think in a negative way, it is not right to feel hurt, upset and so on. It’s a feeling which is part of the body. You have your feelings and then when you come in contact with something which is out of your control you have an emotional reaction. We say it’s in the body. We go through this process – we feel, we act, we say some words or some jokes or some actions – and then we move on – and then

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