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You just take your left thumb (like with one finger on each hand) and you press the index and middle finger into the palm of your hand. Your fingers should be facing down, so no part of your index finger reaches the palm.

The second step is using your other hand. Use your thumb and index finger in your other hand. Your fingers should be facing down, so if your thumb was above the palm, pull the thumb out. Your index finger should be directly over the palm.

The second step is using both hands instead of just your right hand. The left hand can also do a two-step: When your right arm is up (or is raised while you are bending your elbow), press your right thumb/index finger down. If your right hand and elbow are straight so your thumb, index finger and palm are not at each other’s center, you can push your fingers together. You can also press your fingers together (but you will need to bend your elbow in order to do so). I found this a little difficult when I began to do some light compound movements without getting the hang of how to do it correctly. Still, it helped a lot and I have been using it ever since.

Other Methods

Here are some other suggestions of one approach to do back flips. I don’t think I have listed all these techniques here but I do know a little bit about them so I feel comfortable listing them. There are a lot of these that are quite hard just because they really require practice. I would recommend experimenting to find one that works for you and your body. I am fairly certain that there are other methods on the internet that are not shown here that aren’t based on the back flip.

There are many exercises on that can be used for back flips:

A combination of high-knees, low-knees, front squats (with a bar on your back) and other movements can be done.

Do some back rolls and you will find that back flips are a more intense and intense exercise.

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Back rolls are very effective and you can do them with or without a bar as you wish. Here are some exercises you can try.

One technique with a bar will allow you to complete three back flips and get an improved back flip. This technique is a little difficult.

Back flips in various styles can be accomplished as variations of the jump from a stand still to a sprint.

Do back flips

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