How do you move your hips? – Free Belly Dancing Videos Youtube Musicales

Do you put your hands underneath and use your heels for stability?

Amaranth says: “You’re just using your feet.”

Amaranth is the perfect example of what Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a world-renowned biomechanist, calls “the five-point movement” or more literally, the “five-point posture” — which you can train and use to create a healthy posture.

If you’re starting today, you can start with your heels and “turn” you hips, hips, hips, and back a certain way, without any problems in your normal body. That includes the hips and the back, just as it does with your legs and ankles and feet. In other words, the five-point movement (a phrase Dr. Sapolsky coined almost 50 years ago) applies not only to running, but all areas of movement (including your body) that you could choose to use — or not use — for your normal life.

I’ll go briefly over just the hip-to-ankle position and then show you how to do the five-point movement. After that, we’ll look at the feet (including your knees) and how to use them to turn your torso in the way you want to turn it, even if your feet don’t feel right. Then we’ll discuss what to do with your knees when you go into that “five-point” posture.

The hip-to-ankle position and that “five-point posture” may look like they come out of an aerobics movie but they’re actually very common in everyday life. Here are seven other ways you could use the same position to develop your core and body!

To start, let’s examine just the hips. Here are two ways, with or without a shoe on your hip, to start with a healthy way to stand.

As you can see, even with a shoe on your hip, the hip-to-ankle alignment is the same as when your foot is flat on the ground:

But what if you have to stand on your toes? Here’s another way to start. The more you hold your heels under your arms, the better your balance. This is the better way to do it.

Your feet should be flat or slightly below your hips so if you’re wearing a shoe to start, you’ll need to slide your foot down, then slide your foot forward. This will help make your hips stronger.

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