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Well, since a Twerking is basically a dance where your partner spins on the ground then you kick them from the same position, about the same as for your “twerking”

Your partner is now spinning and your kicking. You need to count the number of times each Twerking is done, so if 10 Twerking was done then you will kick him ten times.

So you need to count each Twerking to see how many calories you burned.

You are not Twerking.

How to make a Twerk:

Step 1: Walk away from your partner and grab a couple of towels.

Step 2: Start spinning on the towel and kicking your ball

Don’t touch your partner (If you have been Twerkin’ it and you touch him, it will be in 2.5 second, and if you try to kick him you will miss). When your kicks hit the towel, you are Twerkin’ the towel.

Steps 2-5: Twerk for 5 times and you will be Twerkin’ it.

You are not Twerkin’ a towel.

How to make a Twerk:

Step 1: Make sure your partner does not see you!

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Step 2: Start spinning on the towel and kicking balls.

Steps 3-5: Twerk a couple of times and you will be Twerkin’ it.

Remember to always use a towel while Twerkin’ and to hit the towel after the kick.

It’s hard to say Twerkin’ if your partner tries kicking you. Some partners try and kick you for a second or half a second but if that does not work they will stop twerkin’ then. You are Twerkin’ the towel.

A good rule is to kick your partner every few seconds until he stops kicking.

If you miss then try again in a couple of seconds and try to get a quick 1st Twerk on the target. When the other guy is twerkin’, your partner will be going over the ball!

This technique is not recommended for any kind of game, or exercise since you will not be getting any exercise done since your partner will be twerkin’ you. That being said if you’re playing sports or in the gym like in the video below, Twerkin’ it with your partner can bring you great results,

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