Are guitar lessons worth it? – Beginner Jazz Guitar Reddit

The answer is yes. These songs are definitely worth the effort and dedication required to learn them. That is why the lessons we offer are all very thorough.

I’ve had many friends and clients tell me they can’t even imagine playing these songs without lessons, because they’re so good, and so good to the point of boring, that you will never hear them properly without the instruction.

Yes, yes, maybe. There is more to playing the songs than just your fingers on a fretboard, and the right instrument to play them in. However you pick it up at your own pace, the songs will take you in a new direction when you are ready to continue.

Have you played guitar without a teacher? Did the teacher teach you what you needed to know?
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I have played guitar without any music teacher in my life aside from my friends. When I was young it took me forever just to figure out how to play my first few songs. Even if it was by ear. But I eventually developed the skills. I could play just about every note, but I had no idea exactly how to play them.

What were some of your musical inspirations growing up?

My uncle’s dad played “The Great Train Robbery” for the band.

What kind of music did you listen to before starting music school?

My Dad is a folk singer who played blues on a weekly basis on a small scale. My mother was also a singer who played the drums. I had a few different influences in the form of the Grateful Dead, The Byrds and The Stones. However, when I started in music school, I focused on the music of the 60’s and 70’s.

Where did you start learning how to play guitar?

I started with classical guitar, but then switched to jazz guitar in seventh grade. That’s how I picked up on the sounds and dynamics of the electric guitar.

As a teacher? Do you give each teacher a set of songs to teach?

The teacher gives us a song and I help them select one they really like or a song that they are most comfortable playing. Usually we play the songs on acoustic guitars, but my students have their choice of all-electric models as well.

As a student? Do you write a lesson on specific songs?

No. The teacher picks the songs to teach, but after we learn the songs they give me their suggestions on song arrangement and how they think I

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