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I think I’m at a loss for exactly what’s going to help me, so I’m wondering if anyone could possibly give me some tips on how I might go about learning to play guitar at 65? So much has happened in my life and my music since I was a kid, and I just want it to be a part of my life now!

So, here’s what I need: A guitar/bass teacher who can help me learn how to play. A good teaching style, with an emphasis on teaching the “fundamental” principles of playing guitar.

If anyone could help me out…I’m not exactly sure. The only things I’ve ever wanted to master were guitar and bass, to the point where, it’s hard to remember that I was originally on my dad’s band for most of high school and college.

Help me out.

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It’s interesting that this was the most common response and the one that we most often get…it’s certainly not something that’s unique to the ’60s, and if you look a few decades back, it may be common knowledge that a new guitarist must actually have a real love for music or the art to be considered an excellent pickercaster. So, with that in mind, I was able to find some info on the development of the guitar itself and how it changed over its history. It may not be exactly what’s going on today, but it’s certainly a lot more relevant than what most people are thinking.I was able to find some information on the guitar itself from Wikipedia, which seems to make sense, as it’s a very old instrument that a lot of the older guitar writers seem to be quite fond of. From Wikipedia:So, a couple things in there jump out…The first major part of the information we have is that the guitar came to be invented in the 1860s. It’s interesting to note that this dates the invention much more precisely than it does the modern guitar’s invention. We also know the guitar was first used during the Civil War in a duel between a private and a Captain Lawrence M. T. Morgan. Morgan won, but due to the “high tensions inherent in such a contest” the duel had to be adjourned so Morgan could become “an instrument of a different type” and the guitar did not take off that way. The first instrument used by a civilian, however, was a bass…although “civilian” could be interpreted as literally

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