Can you learn guitar at 30?

I learned guitar in a school that was the best in the neighborhood. It’s still there, and they are very strict, but my parents did not push it. If anything, my parents were a little protective. They taught me, in a very basic way, just how to pick a chord and play it. I have nothing to compare it to other than how you learned to play guitar, but I had a pretty good foundation on that.

How often did you play live?

I started playing acoustic at 15, but it wasn’t until then that I would play the electric stuff. By the time I graduated high school, I wasn’t going to a lot of gigs with my acoustic, especially when I was in the neighborhood area where all the bars were.

What instruments were you taking home?

I could have played everything. In fact, I still don’t know who I was practicing with when I was in my teens, but it wasn’t anything like acoustic guitar. I started playing a little bit of everything when I got back from playing music, but the main focus of my playing with the group was a lot of jazz and ragbe-que, and I would mix in a lot of reggae and classical. I didn’t have any real technical chops until I was about 20, but I never let that deter me from playing what I enjoy.

How do you feel about your abilities nowadays?

I think I’m still learning. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to say that I’m perfect, because I do have some learning curve here and there, but I’m definitely gaining knowledge from everything that I watch, learn from my bandmates. I’m not afraid to give advice, either. I have already started teaching people how to play. A lot of time, I’ll ask them, “Do you learn something every time you play?” And if they do not, then I will take them on as a guitar lesson, and I will have the opportunity to play a variety of songs. I also have a lot of knowledge of the past, which brings more options. I don’t know if I need to learn as much as I did in the past, but having the opportunity to learn is something that I need to enjoy.

Do you have ambitions to be an accomplished musician?

Absolutely. If I wasn’t in this band with my best friend, I would probably be practicing with some other friends that I am still playing with, and playing as much