Can you really learn to play guitar online? – Easy Guitar Songs To Learn For Beginners

If you thought you’d have to travel somewhere to learn how to play some jazz standards, you’d be sorely mistaken. There is no better source of guitar lessons than YouTube.

Guitar videos on YouTube take advantage of the fact that it’s easy to learn the guitar part in an instant – you don’t need to drill the notes and learn scales first like in an actual learning session. You can just pick it up on the go. This is where our new video lesson comes in.

We’ve decided to teach you the basics of chord notation. In this lesson you’ll learn 3 scales (Am7, F major, and G major), some chord voicings and a bunch of fingerings.

Guitar chord voicings

To play the chord chords, simply play a G7th chord and play each note from the chord. For example, say you want to play a G7 chord as the first tone in the scale.

To work the first tone on the guitar, simply play a G7 chord (not a G, just a G7) then play each note from the C7th chord.

Learn chord voicings

Let’s try it out now. First, pick up your guitar and take it for a quick jam session. If this is your first time jamming, just solo and practice all of the chords. As you get a bit more seasoned, you might consider practicing more complicated chord voicings. Just start with the basic one and move on when needed.

Now that we know how to play basic chord tones, let’s use our knowledge of chord voicings to do some basic fingerings for our soloing. To help you out here, let’s look at two of the most common chord voicings in the guitar scale as shown below.

F#m7 – Am7

G7 (G chord) – F

Am7 (C chord) – C

G7th – I

A Beginners Guide To Guitar Chords Infographic | Guitar ...
And now for a quick guitar lesson before we get started. This lesson will help you practice your chord voicings by playing the Am7 chord (G7) in the key of F#m7.

F#m7: An Fmaj7th chord that I like to use in the soloing or on guitar

Here we have the Am7 chord (Am7) on the first fret of the guitar. You’ll notice that there are no major and minor 7th chords in this chord

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