Can you really learn to play guitar online?

Absolutely! I learned how to play over the internet from a very young age. I was a huge computer nerd, and I’m very used to playing songs with friends and playing in a circle. But learning guitar online has been much easier and faster than playing live!

How does playing guitar online differ from working with an audio engineer/musician?

For this I have to say they are a totally different beast. I can do a solo solo over guitar and it is a really enjoyable way to explore the fretboard. I also can work on all the sounds and textures in the song so the music has a nice variety throughout. With an audio engineer on set you have to do more to have it sound exactly and sound exactly how the artist intended, and then get it recorded at our studio, where you get a finished mix in 48 hours.

How do you play guitar for free online?

The best way to play guitar is to go out into the woods and practice your guitar on your own, or with other guitar players if you don’t have access to them. Some websites allow you to stream some of the online solos and other guitar techniques, and then you can get the best sound possible from those solos.

Do you think it could be a future trend to allow people to play on their own, without having to pay to play?

Yes, it’s definitely something that’s being looked at, but is not currently being implemented.

Do you have a YouTube channel yet?

My YouTube channel is my main channel, and is primarily dedicated to teaching. I don’t upload any cover songs or my own music. I just upload cover songs that I’ve recorded myself (the same thing that most musicians do); covers of people’s best songs and my own songs.

Who are some of your friends that you work out with online?

I actually spend more time at the gym, so we actually did a workout video together. But I try to also meet up with new guitarists to play with as well, which is a lot easier as I don’t have to go out and visit all the bars to play live music.

Do you think you would like to be paid just to play?

Most definitely. I don’t think that it’s a bad thing to have a living in the world, and if it can make a living in the guitar industry for me, then I am fine with that. I think that’s good enough for me