How can I make money playing guitar lessons? – Best Book To Learn Guitar Scales

In the beginning your first guitar lessons will probably not be a high-paying job.

But if you stay dedicated to your hobby and make money each lesson, you’ll be able to make some money that way.

Your first lessons will usually only cost about $30 per hour, so that’s the beginning of high-paying gigs.

This type of thing will get a lot harder over time.

However, if you follow a little formula, you can make a solid living with your skill as a guitar player, from beginning to end.

1. Keep learning

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

It’s important to always improve, and it’ll eventually pay off.

Also check out the video below where I’m talking about playing lessons in my spare time without any real financial motivation. My goal was to show the level of skill needed (and the limitations) to become a full-time guitar teacher.

I’ve also got a new guitar lesson website that will help you make money in a totally non-financial way. In the future (as soon as I can afford it) I plan on developing this on my own to help students become professional guitar teachers.

2. Watch videos

As you can see, for me, learning is the single most important part of my business.

I try to learn as many techniques and tunes as I can.

That means that each month, I go to as many lessons as I can find, and watch the best music available.

For example, I got to hear some of the new songs on Ed Sheeran’s A Side of Your World this past weekend. That’s awesome, but I probably could have learned that song a few months ago.

You need to pay attention to what you enjoy in music. Learn as much as you can, and keep it up.

3. Practice

I’m currently learning how to play the basic scale patterns that I do on my guitar, as well as what chord changes in a song require.

If you want to play the same chords over and over (like a jazz guitarist), then you need to practice each chord in the right way.

For example, if you play A as an open note and B as a half-diminished chord, you need to practice how to play them with a finger.

It’s also important to study what other musicians are doing, so you can learn

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