How do I choose my first guitar?

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An open letter to the world’s most talented writers: you’ve written, now we are getting to meet you. The following list of authors we’d like to have a pint with in our home-brewed beer library should inspire you to write, publish and live a true American literary life.

(Note: Please do not send in suggestions that will be used in the same way the author used them. This is a small list. That said, some great stuff is likely to be added in the weeks to come.)

In a world where an open letter is the only appropriate response to a writer’s failure to meet a deadline at the same time a book is being reviewed by a major publisher, I have to ask: why all the pressure? If it’s just a matter of trying harder and making more mistakes, why do we make that all-or-none approach at all?

At the end of the day, writing a great book is much easier than it first appears. Take a deep breath and give yourself the freedom to take something like, “Here are a list of 25 great literary figures who you might have met while writing a book.” Then sit down and, if you’re ready, start writing a novel for fun.

You don’t have to look like a pro if you’re not. Some great books are written by ordinary people; some of the most extraordinary writers are also ordinary people.

1. Stephen King

I am so sad that his first few novels are out of print, because he was the master of the short novel – short, fast and brutally smart. He has been called the author of the first generation of short story writers; if we’re lucky, his first novel will be the last of the first generation. He wrote more than 500 books