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There are over 300 guitar chords, according to Paul Simonon, who is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prominent guitar player in the world. In addition, there are many harmonica solos and chord progressions and styles available to you.

What are the guitar chords?

Guitar chords are basic chord shapes derived from one-note chords, which is one in which the root notes of the chord are the same in either order (the same three note chords being used as a starting point). A major chord is one of the 12 major chords, and a minor chord includes two notes to which the root does not belong (the 7th chords). Major and minor chords are also often written together as A-G, D-A, E-F and Ab-Bb.

For instance, the first line is an example of the C Major chord from a major key. The chord is a 7-note C Major chord with the root being #7. The second line uses an example of the E Minor chord in the same key, using a D# as the root as part of an E chord progression.

Here are more guitar guitar chords with all 9 notes.

How can I play these?

Here is the basic progression for the C Major chord on a guitar. The chords are listed in order of appearance.






When played live on guitar or harmonica you can start with the D major chord, then you take an F# (minor seventh), an A-B or a C#-F. You can move to the major scale and other progressions by moving from string to string on the guitar, starting with D-E (major seventh), D-G, D-Bb, E-A, B-E, F#-C, D-D, G#-Bb, F-A, A-C or A-D.

You can also use a guitar pick and harmonica to play these chords. For a bass guitar guitar

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