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The guitar is 5 years old and was owned by Bill. He used to take the guitar everywhere when he visited me.

Can you recommend any guitar player to help me with this project?

Bill, you did a great job on this guitar. I can really tell the age of the guitar with this instrument because of the scratches on the body and pickguards and the pickguard and headstock. I recommend you to not make any alterations to the guitar to repair or to bring the guitar to a new state of condition. Also, you should not use any metal polishing polish to keep the finish of the guitar.

Can you provide pictures of the guitar after painting and what you have done to it?

After the paint has dried, you can use some acetone to clean the finish and to clean any nicks and scratches in the finish. Also, use some Scotch Brite powder to apply a little sealer to the finish. I also used some white automotive paint to apply the finish. After you clean the guitar and your guitar finish looks good, the body can be cleaned up using some acetone to scrub the area.

Can you identify my guitar?

The guitar has a white pickguard, a gold-colored pickguard, and a white pickguard with a red logo.

Can you tell me the name of your supplier?

The name of the guitar supplier is The Guitar Company, and they are located near Richmond, CA.

Can you identify the name of your manufacturer?

The initials used in the serial number on the headstock of the guitar are “CC” followed by the number in “C”, then by the manufacturer’s name.

Are any of the screws bent or will my guitar be impossible to play after the repair?

No, all screws are solid and very sharp.

Who were your suppliers? The Gibson guitar was made by Gibson (Pioneer), Ibanez was made by Ibanez (Otis), and Ibanez made a couple of other guitars.

What kind of wood did you choose to make my guitar?

The body and pickguard of the guitar have real solid mahogany wood.

How was the guitar made?

We used a combination of machine made and hand finished techniques for the construction of the body and pickguard.

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What kind of guitar was used when you repaired mine?

I bought this guitar from Bill because he had given

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