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In order to learn how to play at least standard guitar, you must be 21, unless you’re a child.

If the age of your spouse or partner is 18 or older, you’re allowed to learn guitar.

Do I need to have learned to play by the time I turn 18? (Age 22!)

No. You don’t have to learn the guitar by the age of 22. But if you are 23 by the time of your 18 th birthday , and you’re an adult, then you must be 26 at age 18 to learn guitar.

My husband and I are both 19 years old, but our ages seem different. When we first met, I was a freshman in college. He was a Junior. He started college at 19 and is now 21 and I’m 26 and he’s 24. Can we both be in college to learn guitar?

Yes! Both of you can start at any college you would qualify to attend by virtue of having graduated from high school and have been granted scholarships to that school. If you are enrolled in a college where you are at the top of your class, you can go to a higher level school to qualify for a scholarship. However, you should try to have a conversation with your counselor or guidance counselor (who will be able to help you determine if you are a good fit for an actual university).

We both know we are both 21 years old, and our 19 year-olds tell us that we don’t have to do anything. Shouldn’t 18-year-olds be able to do it as well?

Young people under the law can be required to attend college and pay for it even if they are not legally 18. The law is often a bit hazy as to whether or not it’s necessary for 18-year-olds to attend college. You need to discuss with your counselor whether or not this is a reasonable request.

There is an age to be able to play in bands called “high school band” where you are expected to play for 15 minutes and learn three songs, which are not included in the standard guitar curriculum, but are a very good practice before you graduate and can play at a professional level. This is called high school band at the state and local level.

You also need to have played in a high school band before graduating.

If you were a high school student who played in a high school band when you were 17 and then went on to college, then you should

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