What age is good to start guitar lessons?

I don’t think anyone’s age is bad advice, I’ve had so many people ask me questions about how old I started, and I can’t tell you, this really depends on your personality. Generally speaking, no one can just start learning guitar at 20 years old. I would say that it’s important to make your first purchase something very small. Most people will learn guitar by playing a bit, and it will be enough for some, and not much more. In other words, your first purchase should be a guitar without any accessories, that is, it is the cheapest of its day and the most easily acquired. You wouldn’t want to save it for later, and if you wanted to buy a guitar for your kid to pick it up for, they would be at a disadvantage.

When should I buy a new guitar?

The answer to this depends on you, and depends on how many good gigs you’re getting. Obviously if you can afford it, go for that. If you’re new to rock and roll, take your time because you’ll likely be at a disadvantage. But if you’ve got several great albums under your belt, starting a new instrument will take some time. Keep in mind that you won’t start looking for guitars in just three years, so if the opportunity comes up, get a few guitars for a few years that will be good for you. The question here is, when should you buy.

Why do you ask these types of questions?

All this assumes you’re considering buying a guitar for guitar lessons. If you have any particular idea of what you want to learn, that is different. So, if you really want to learn, read my article on how to get started playing guitar to find out exactly what works for you.

You can find a lot of information on buying guitars at guitarforfun’s site on the website. This is the best place I’ve found, and I’ve made an exception for this one.

If you are planning on making it as a professional musician, I would start learning when your first few purchases are relatively simple. A solid one-piece neck with fretless frets is the goal here, but you can get by just fine with cheaper instruments. If you’ve got an older guitar and want some advice on choosing a good one for the beginner, check out the article on buying guitars for a beginner.

When should you start learning guitar?

Good question. I would start at 10 years old.