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The first chords to learn are E blues and D pentatonic.


A triad.

There are two different intervals within these two chords, C major and G major, and they are often mixed up:


Both C notes are commonly called “altus” and D notes become “alt” if they are combined with the A note but aren’t.

The A and C notes in E blues are commonly called “minor”

The third and fourth notes in E blues are also called “minor” notes, because they take up less space and are a better fit for jazz guitar playing than major triads.

The third and fourth notes in D pentatonic are also called “minor” because they take up fewer spaces and are a better fit for jazz guitar playing than major triads.

Which are the key signatures (major key, minor key, pentatonic etc)?

The major key is the top 3 notes of the major scale.

The minor key is the lowest 3 notes of the major scale.

The pentatonic scale is the shape of a major scale, it has one note more for every five.

You will usually hear both major and minor scale in jazz but I usually use the pentatonic scale most of the time since it’s an easier to learn and it’s used frequently in music.

What is the relationship between keys?

There are 5 basic keys in the major scale:

D – root note

G – major triad

C – minor triad

E – minor pentatonic

Minor keys are used in situations where it’s easier to work the other chord tones in that key.

In other words, you’ll find yourself using chords like C, D, F#, Em in certain songs if you play those chords in a specific key.

Major Keys:

C – D G – G major

D – F – F# – Em major

D – F# – F# major

G – Em – Em major

D – Fm – F major

How to determine what note the key is on a guitar?

Your key is the pitch you play the note “root” of the major scale over.

For example, Gmaj, Bbmaj and Emmaj are all written to G

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