What is the hardest guitar solo? – Learn How To Play Guitar Free Online

Where do you find it the hardest? I guess it varies so much based on what part of your brain is firing and what you have to do mentally to get through it.

I find it really easy when I’m trying to nail my own solo. Once you have the idea, then it’s not as hard. Once you’re on your own, it is hard… but when you’re just out there and not knowing where to start it was tough.

What was the last song you bought and played on? Do you own all the songs on the new album? I don’t own any of the songs. I just got some good new ones through CD Baby.

It’s an album from my solo EP, “Kiss the Light”, so I haven’t even got to start putting it together yet! I only bought two songs this time, “Crazy” and “You’re Going to Cry a Great Deal”.

What is the difference between the new EP and the second album? They’re both much more focused and personal. The EP has a bit more of a folk feel, but the second album is a little more rock-oriented, much more like the second record from my solo stuff, “Crazy”.

What is the longest song you’ve ever written? I have no idea… it might be an older song… I dunno. Just kidding.

Any advice for aspiring guitarists? Try lots of different things. Read different literature – lots of jazz and blues books. The best way is to just stay open to new music and then go from there.

What about the new album sound has changed since your last solo album? More bluesy, more psychedelic, more like The Grateful Dead. It’s more like something out of a band… like “It’s Alright Ma.” The solo is quite different, but it’s basically a lot of that stuff.

Which tracks on the new album are your favorites? “Wagon Wheel”

“Don’t Stop Believin'”

“I Don’t Want It in the Morning”

“I Am a Fool”

“Wicked Game”

“Darling” “Just Go”


“Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” “The Way I See It Is This”

“If You Wanna Be Loved”

“All My Children”


“You & Me”

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