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The hardest part about learning is always the basics. You can learn guitar in a day or a week. This is why it’s a good idea to take classes first. Take some guitar lessons, do some reading, whatever it takes to get you started. As long as you get the basics, I don’t see there being much to learn when it comes to playing the guitar and singing.

When you make it to the first lesson, you’ll usually be given a few more things to learn. First you’ll learn the “rules” of the lessons, starting with picking and playing a few scales and picking patterns. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be ready to learn more advanced stuff like chord progressions and scales.

What do I mean by advanced stuff? I mean a lot of stuff.

The only thing I can really offer you at guitar shows is to show you the basics. Once you start to know how to play the piano (or a bass or guitar, or harmonica, or drums) you’ll be able to play what you need when you need. It may be only a few bars a song, but it’ll help you understand a song and the melody. If you want to be an advanced player, you’ve got to do some work. I know I did.

I’ve been in bands since I can remember. I played in some really big bands with heavy musicians and vocalists. My bands were never big, but they were full of people with a lot of music in their lives.

At first, I was the only kid in my band, so I had to learn how to do most things to make up for my lack of talent.

A few years later, I had a friend who wasn’t into music and I showed him how to play guitar and sang. He wasn’t into any of that kind of stuff, so I just kept showing him. He became a great vocalist and bass player, so I told him I was giving a lesson. He was like, “Okay. What are we supposed to learn? This is so lame. I’m gonna go do something else.”

I had a few years before I had a good reason to move away from the group and not keep going. I was playing a lot of songs and singing for most of it. People were leaving the band and I had to decide to go it alone.
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When I made the decision that I really wanted to play guitar full time, all that changed.

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