Do females have falsetto?

Do females have different pitches? They should, if they want to keep competing.

One last point on this topic for you: the music I wrote a while ago for that “I Feel Pretty” video was played at a conference. A few guys came up and told me that their band is a girl group; I was stunned. I’ve listened to “The Voice” a few times, and I think most of the time it sounds pretty good too. What if it wasn’t? How much do you think you could have made it sound better? How much better can you make the video without compromising what made it awesome?

The music is great, and you rock it. It’s just a little weird.

I’ve been a reader since 1993. I read every book before they were published, but always assumed that the writer had a good idea for a story, or at least a solid premise; it’s like someone’s written a poem and said “let’s make something funny.” Maybe they were onto something, but to be honest, I just don’t know what is going on in those book. If your idea is to be funny like this, then maybe I have something in common with you.

The premise is actually not that weird — I like animals, I guess, so why not a circus, maybe an animal circus?

–JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

How to Find Your Vocal Range - Use This Range Finder Tool!
Boris Johnson has sparked a furore after he suggested that women who are raped may not have “consent” to the act. The Foreign Secretary also said that it may become “ridiculous” for men to complain if they are raped if the women consent, insisting: “If it was someone’s fault, then my opinion would be that they had lost the right to complain.”

There is clearly considerable debate in the scientific community as to whether the “zero tolerance” policy of some universities, and colleges, applies to rape allegations. In other circumstances the presumption of innocence applies, not least because the accusation of rape is always presumed to be false.

That, however, is not the case with accusations of sexual violence, where the victim can be assumed to be in “adverse consent” or “guilty consent” and an allegation is “guilty even when the accused says he didn’t”.

In the UK the concept that a crime cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt, which is applied in other international jurisdictions, has helped reduce the number of rape