What are the basics of singing?

The basic form of singing is the melody. The melody is what we sing whenever we sing. The melody is usually three or four words long, but some songs use seven to ten words for their melody. You may think the melody doesn’t matter, but in fact, you can use it to help you figure out the melody of a song. You can use the notes that you hear on the radio or your CD player too. If you’re like me, you’ll probably have a melody of some sort in your head.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably have a melody of some sort in your head.

For many singers, this melody is their voice. The voice is the fundamental instrument of singing–it’s the source of the music, the backbone of the composition and the soul of the song. If your voice is weak, it’s easy for the song to sound flat. Singing weakly will create an unimpressive, robotic tone (think of the way singers always speak with their arms or lips pressed close together).

But if your voice is strong, it can open up the music, bring it alive and even add some texture to the song. There are plenty of ways with which you can use your voice to enhance the melody of your song.

When I first started singing, I sang with a strong melody. As I improved, I would sing songs for which I had a strong melody. My singing voice wasn’t as refined as what you hear in modern pop songs, but I still could sing for them.

If you’ve never sung a pop song with a strong melody before, it’s kind of like learning a new instrument. I found that I preferred singing songs whose melody was strong, because I had an easier time getting in tune with the melody. I was able to sing melodies with little difficulty and it sounded natural, no matter how strong my voice was.

Of course there is always the possibility of a song’s melody being too weak for you. A strong piano theme can sound cheesy or corny, but if you’re good at singing, that melody will come across as natural and naturalistic.

The key to singing strong melodies is knowing how to sing a melody in the first place.
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When you sing, you think you’re expressing what’s about to happen. It’s that “I, I say,” or “let’s go!” kind of voice that can get lost in singing! This isn’t a bad thing–everytime